June 20, 2019
In recent years, Brad Hompe has served a Corrections Complaint Examiner and Investigator for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (WI-DOC). However, the gurney he made to get there is a series of interesting stories. You see, Brad Hompe has tons of experience in just about every aspectof prison and jail and operations. That means there is almost nothing he has not seen and/or had to deal with at one time or another. At various times, Brad Hompe has led the development and implementation of corrections programs at virtually every level, throughout Wisconsin, of course, but also nationally.

Throughout several decades with WI-DOC, Brad Hompe has seen and done just about everything, and that’s no exaggeration. Prior to his time as a warden, he worked his way up through the ranks, starting as a corrections officer, a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, unit manager and deputy warden along the way. He also has a lot of education to work from, including a degree in criminal justice and psychology from Winona State University and an MPAfrom the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.
December 19, 2018
Over the course of his long career, Brad Hompe has become an acknowledged expert on corrections facilities. He has provided a wide range of services in prisons and jails throughout Wisconsin and he has advised corrections specialists all over the country. In recent years, Brad is acknowledged as an expert on nearly every aspect of prison operations, from the very beginning, when jail and prison planning and design is relevant.

Currently, Brad Hompe serves as a Corrections Complaint Examiner and Investigator for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, better known as WI-DOC. It took Brad Hompe a very long time to get to that position, and he is only there now due to his high level of experience in the operation of jails and prisons. Over the course of his career, Brad has worked at pretty much every level of the corrections system, including work as a prison staff employee, and as a jail inspector, and as a trainer and instructor. Brad is considered an authority based on his ability to deal with jail and prison policy development, which means he can develop and implement training and evaluation programs, as well as programs in incident management.